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Goliath Server & Application Performance Monitoring Tools by Goliath


Monitor your entire IT infrastructure from one central view

MonitorIT exploits the GAP that exists between high cost enterprise solutions and inexpensive utilities by offering a comprehensive set of features that allow the user to monitor virtual servers, VDI, networks, desktops, databases and applications from a single view at a cost just above freeware.

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What are Goliath Technologies MonitorIT benefits?

  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 Real Time Monitoring
  • l Multiple Hypervisors/ One solution
  • l Antomated Remediation
  • l Alerting & Troubleshooting
  • l Performance Analysis
  • l Physical and Virtual Environment
  • l Management Reporting
  • l Dashboards with Easy Drill Down
  • l Affordable

For details, please visit Goliath's product webpage: